For Saturday Night Live's latest cold open, the show addressed — what else? — the Mueller Report ... er, the Barr report on the still-unseen Mueller Report.

For the segment, Robert De Niro reprised his role as the ever-stoic Special Counsel, while Alec Baldwin returned as a more chipper version of Donald Trump, and Kate McKinnon made an especially sinister cameo as Rudy Giuliani. The standout addition to this regular crew, though, is Aidy Bryant as the gleefully skeptical Attorney General Bill Barr, Donald Trump's recent appointee to the position whose four-page letter to Congress about the contents of Mueller's report has become a lightning rod for criticism and a point of praise, depending on which side of the political aisle people fall on.

The sketch offers three different vantage points of the report, which might ring familiar to anyone's who's cast doubt on whether the real-life Barr summary offers true exoneration of POTUS. Mueller's findings are pretty condemning here, even if they don't rise to the requisite level of "beyond a reasonable doubt" just yet, but Barr's all too eager to draw black lines and make Trump jump with joy about being "free at last, free at last."

"Overall, there is an abundance of circumstantial evidence," De Niro's Mueller decides. "But no concrete evidence," Bryant's Barr then qualifies, which leads NotTrump to gloat, "If you shoot at the devil, you best not miss."

"Weekend Update" also took a stab at the subject, with Colin Jost joking, "The big story of the week was that White O.J. was not indicted for collusion and that Robert Mueller did not reach a conclusion about whether Trump obstructed justice. Or as it was reported on Fox News..." before cutting to a montage of prominent Republicans smiling on-air to the tune of "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang. "I haven't seen Fox News anchors smile like that since ICE agents pulled into a Home Depot parking lot," he continued.

Later, Michael Che added, "Man, I can't believe I thought for a second that the FBI was going to lock up the sitting President of the United States simply because he's guilty."

That wasn't the last of it, either, as the show also transported audiences straight to Moscow as Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) has to answer questions about whether the news means Trump really isn't in his pocket, the way his cabinet believed-slash-hoped.

"I knew it was too good to be true," his aide (Alex Moffat) whimpers. "American president, blackmailed by Russia to become KGB asset? It sound like bad '80s movie." Later, he asks, "But if we have no blackmail, why President Trump say such nice things about you?"

"I don't know. I think he just likes me!" NotPutin exclaims.

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