With so many highlights to cover, Alec Baldwin's increasingly regular Donald Trump impersonation for Saturday Night Live's cold open was perhaps busier than ever this weekend.

The segment touched on a range of recent subjects concerning the administration, including: Vice President Mike Pence's widely maligned NFL stunt, the news that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson once referred to him as a "moron" in a meeting, Trump's recent declaration that the country will use the phrase "Merry Christmas" more, his controversial talking points about the storm-ravaged citizens of Puerto Rico, the recent lashing Senator Bob Corker gave Trump in the media, and, last but certainly not least, the freestyle rap condemnation offered up by Eminem.

About all of those subjects, Baldwin's Trump offered his usual barbs and denial of accountability, with statements like, "Bob Corker is so small that a dermatologist found him on a mole, okay?" and "I'm so much smarter than this guy Rex. I have a huge IQ. I took an IQ test, and let me assure you, it came back positive, very positive. My IQ is through the roof and frankly through many of the clouds as well. And by the way I'm the only guy who even knows what IQ means. Most people don't' even know what it stands for: inquedible. A lot of people don't know that."

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He also tripled up on Pence's walk-out schedule, adding Starbucks and a gay wedding to his list of appearance evacuations and declared war on Eminem by saying, "Eminem apparently did a freestyle rap on the BET network the other day, and he rapped some very nasty things about me. And very soon I'm going to release a response rap on the white entertainment network HGTV. So, watch your back, Eminem."

Will these ever get old?

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