Saturday Night Live
Another really funny episode  I'm shocked! My first thought during

Jack Black's opening singalogue was that the

Tenacious D. front man was missing his other half: Kyle Gass. But turns out that J.B. didn't forget his friend just because he's all famous and in that big ape movie now, K.G. just made his appearance during the spelling-bee sketch. Who knew you could even think of spelling business with more than 15 Qs? Other funny things? TV Funhouse's Christmas Eve for the Jews: The claymation piece had me laughing out loud with the line about finally seeing Fiddler with a Jewish cast. The Stuart Little "humane" mousetraps freaked me out. And the wind tunnel was especially humorous if you've ever actually been to that Sbarro. Don't think I won't be tempted just to open that restaurant door for fun on my way to work. Oh no, maybe I'm getting all grinchy because of the multitude of tourists in the city. Perhaps I should be hanging with Debbie Downer. As for some special guests, Tracy Morgan made a cameo as a Skull Island tourism guy and Johnny Knoxville showed up with a 2-by-4 nailed to his ABC (don't ask). All actually pretty entertaining. Go figure! My husband also informed me that the space sketch, which seemed just so very random to me, was a dead-on parody of a movie called Enemy Mine. I just chuckled when the alien guy said, "I just had sex with myself. What are you doing?" Best line of the night: "Ashlee Simpson collapsed after a performance in Tokyo on Thursday. Simpson spent Friday in the hospital while her show went on as scheduled without her." Glad that Weekend Update got a chance to poke some fun at the "singer" who flubbed up big time on their show. But my favorite scene of the night had to be Andy and Chris' music video dedicated to their trip to see The Chronic-what?-cles of Narnia. "It's all about the Hamiltons, baby!"