This was the first Saturday Night Live (or for me "Sunday Afternoon Recorded") this season that I watched in its entirety without having to fast-forward through the more painful sketches (though I did skip most of Shakira shaking her groove thing). For this I have to credit Alec Baldwin and his previous 11 experiences hosting, which clearly made him more relaxed in front of the camera and willing to do anything from sharing a Slim Jim with Horatio Sanz to marrying a hot dog to playing a prospector in "Brokeback Goldmine." The voice-over description cracked me up: "Dare to let the whiskers of two old prospectors touch you in a special way." And the cowboy movie didn't escape with just that one sketch, Tina Fey's dad supplied a great joke during Weekend Update: "The movie is making history as the first Western where the good guys get it in the end." Go Tina's dad! Maybe you could be a regular guest writer. TV Funhouse got in some great digs at celebs and the poker craze with "Celebrity Mugshot Showdown," complete with the voices of the real shows' hosts Dave Foley and Phil Gordon ridiculing the permanent look of shock on the Runaway Bride's (aka Jennifer Wilbanks) face, and watching as the Carolina Panthers girls prematurely folded their hand and took off to the bathroom. Gotta love that Robert Smigel. And, of course, Mr. Baldwin's finest moment was during the final scene of the night, when he dressed as a corporate elf reenacting his famed Glengarry, Glen Ross speech. I think for the rest of the holiday season, I will be using Elfin to replace any foul language when I run out of wrapping paper or something. Thanks, Alec.