A satisfying season finale "Bobby Brown's Greatest Hits" and I enjoyed how it was edited together. Very clever how they used mostly titles from Bobby's and Whitney's hit songs to introduce each segment. My favorite segment was, of course, the "Hell to the No!" montage, and what made it even better is that it ended with my roommate Jason's favorite singing quote from the entire series. That would be Whitney singing "I'm not doing this with him todaaaaaaaaay!" I swear Jason has sung that quote every single day since it first aired and let me tell ya, I laugh every time.

What made me laugh the most tonight, though, was seeing the brilliant "Shut up, just shut up, shut up" scene of Whitney mouthing along with the Black Eyed Peas in the car. Priceless. I know they promised some "all-new, never-before-seen footage," but new scenes were few and far between. The glass display of Michael Jordan's shoes, the female fan grabbing Bobby in the crotch while getting a photo taken with him, Bobby attempting to imitate Lou Rawls (I did it better once at a karaoke bar) and Whitney's "What girl did you go out with that had hair on their a--?" scene? I can understand why those were cut in the first place. Classiest examples would be Bobby sitting on the toilet and the sound effects of it all being bleeped (bravo to Bravo for the bleeping) and Whitney farting out loud in a restaurant (which wasn't bleeped) and then blaming "someone over there." I thought to myself, "Whitney's music career has blown away. Now she's blowing us all away in a different fashion. Pretty!" I have such a way with words when I think to myself.