Question: Was Sarah Michelle Gellar ever on a show called Swans Crossing?

Answer: That she was, Jasmyne, though Gellar's snotty, rich-kid character was far closer to Cruel Intentions's dark-hearted and scheming Kathryn Merteuil than Buffy the Vampire Slayer's heroic Buffy Summers. (Also worth mentioning among the young cast was Mira Sorvino, who went on to win an Oscar as the statuesque hooker in Mighty Aphrodite.)

Broadcast in 1992 in its initial run, the syndicated soap opera was aimed at the pre-teen and teen market who, it was hoped, would also shell out their allowance and baby-sitting bucks for the line of dolls based on the characters. Swans Crossing revolved around the lives of middle-school students living in a wealthy East Coast town (which gave the show its name). Chief among them was the bitchy, bossy Sydney Rutledge (Gellar), who, like her mayor mom, was a natural leader. In her case, she headed up the self-dubbed "Winner's Circle," a social circle of wealthy kids whose lives revolved around money, love, lust, spite, intrigue, revenge and... well, more money.

You're not alone in your interest, either. Do some Web hunting (Yahoo even has a Swans Crossing category) and you'll find a substantial, enthusiastic fan presence.