As a "pre-cog" whose psychic powers help police predict murders, Minority Report star Samantha Morton had to shave her hair, lie underwater for hours on end, and get dragged around a futuristic shopping mall by Tom Cruise. But the actress — who earned an Oscar nod in 2000 for her performance as a mute laundress in Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown — doesn't want your sympathy.

"I don't mind not having any hair," the UK native, who's currently sporting a bleached-blonde bob, tells TV Guide Online. "And the water was very nice and warm. I loved it. It was everyone else who made it a big deal."

Speaking of making waves, the rising starlet is causing a ripple or two herself. "Samantha's like lightning in a bottle," Cruise gushes. "When she did one take, Steven [Spielberg] and I went behind the set and gave each other high fives. She was just on fire!"

Although she's been in the biz for nearly a decade, Morton is still adjusting to the glare of the spotlight. At Monday's New York premiere of Minority Report, she spent most of her time on the red carpet nervously huddled behind Spielberg.

"I'm not a celebrity," she explains modestly. "I'm not in the public eye at all. I just do films, come and talk about them, and then disappear. People don't recognize me on the street — maybe once a year."