Samantha Ronson by Chris Weeks/ Samantha Ronson by Chris Weeks/

Hollywood locals need the barest of excuses to throw a party, and midweek is no exception. Stars and wannabes (not to mention a few entertainment editors) sashayed on over to S Bar Wednesday to celebrate the relaunch of Trent Vanegas' gossip blog. (For the uninitiated, Vanegas' is the nice-guy antidote to Perez's snark-central.)

Inside, the room was packed with well-wishers and hangers-on alike, with Trent greeting everyone with equal enthusiasm. The free-flow of adult beverages enhanced the good-natured vibe, especially given that p.i.n.k. vodka was, appropriately, one of the evening's sponsors. Trent's guest list, meanwhile, reflected the all-inclusive attitude, with Heroes baddie Zachary Quinto, Housewives' Joy Lauren and requisite Hills cast members Speidi and Stephanie Pratt (arriving separately) all appearing for the festivities.

Yet, despite the various TV notables present, the most striking attendee stayed out of the spotlight. DJ Samantha Ronson, decked out in her signature hat and tee, was churning out the beats behind the turntables and even working some of her brother's finer tracks into the mix. Conspicuously absent was her main squeeze, Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan's absence, however, shouldn't get the gossip mill going. A source tells that she's happy, healthy - and working on her spray tan. Yes, the night before Trent's big soiree, Linds dropped by L.A. Sunset Tan to see if she had any sessions left on her account. The casually dressed starlet got her session, but told staff she had mom to thank for this one. (Our moms usually give us socks instead of tans, but this is Hollywood.) While Linds probably won't be appearing on the tanning salon's eponymous E! show anytime soon, it is possible she's also enhancing her look for her upcoming movie role.

It's too bad that LiLo didn't show off her new, summer skin at the pink bash, but there was one "celeb" surprise: Stephanie Pratt added some pink extensions to her blond hair, proving just how devoted to a party she really is. - Anna Dimond