It is so sad that I really want Freddie to be good. I mean, I'm loving Brian Austin Green and there is something sort of endearing about Freddie Prinze Jr. However, when they delve into typical sitcom territory, it annoys and disappoints me. The whole "I'm going to lose my apartment" story wouldn't have been so irritating if the nebbishy neighbor hadn't been the one who turned Freddie and family in. The only redeeming portions of the episode did involve BAG and his delightful love of scantily clad elves, his battle with depression and how hurt he was when no one was reading his blog. More of him, please! In fact, can we get rid of most of the family  keep just the little girl and the cranky grandma  and just make this a buddy comedy? I could really get behind that.... I tuned in to watch Veronica Mars and what I got instead was a rerun of Everybody Hates Chris. Not fair! I don't really hate Chris, in fact I kinda like him, but I was looking forward to rewatching Ms. Mars in action while investigating the bus accident and talking to Kevin Smith. I just don't like these surprise switcheroos. That said, I did end up watching this Chris that I had missed earlier this season and loved the way he calmly manages a crazy baby-sitter, an unexpected infant, his tattling sister and his self-involved little brother. Glad he finally let the truth come out. But the whole restaurant scene where Chris' dad and mom finally get a chance to go out and then are treated poorly and robbed at gunpoint had me laughing out loud, and looking forward to Chris' Christmas episode. Maybe that was the whole point of the schedule change. Angel Cohn

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