Nina Garcia by Mark Von Holden/ Nina Garcia by Mark Von Holden/

Any fan of Project Runway knows that Nina Garcia is the "fashion director of Elle magazine" because it seems like Heidi Klum says it 14 damn times in every episode.

Well, guess what? The blogs are whispering that her Elle office was boxed up and emptied on Friday. The New York Post reports that neither Garcia nor Elle will confirm her departure. Further, it's unclear if Garcia will still be judging on Project Runway when it moves from Bravo to Lifetime. Although both Tim Gunn and Klum will move with the show, Garcia's participation was not announced as part of the network-switch deal. The good news: At this point, Lifetime is apparently interested in re-signing her.

Advice to Lifetime when it comes to contract negotiations: Don't. Bore. Nina! We want her back. - Mickey O'Connor