Ignatiy Vishnevetsky Ignatiy Vishnevetsky

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, a Chicago-based film critic who writes for Mubi.com and the Chicago Reader, will co-host Roger Ebert's revamped At the Movies.

Date set for Roger Ebert's TV return

Vishnevetsky, 24, joins Christy Lemire, who has been a critic for The Associated Press for 12 years. Vishnevetsky replaces Elvis Mitchell, who was originally announced as Lemire's co-host."I was struck by the depth and detail of his film knowledge, and by how articulate he was," Ebert said of Vishnevetsky on his blog

Roger Ebert to revive At the Movies

Ebert, who lost his ability to speak after a battle with cancer, will serve as a producer alongside his wife, Chaz. Ebert will also use a computerized voice to appear in a segment called "Roger's Office." He will not, however, debate with the hosts.Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies premieres Jan. 21.