Well, Rod Stewart got the best performances out of the contestants this season, but his own song? Not so good. It was like a throttled duck in a gold jacket with Taylor's annoying stop-motion "dance" moves thrown in. Once again the guest star should be glad Simon was not in critiquing mode. Pickler's grin said it all as she realized she wasn't the worst singer on that stage this week. Of all the big names stopping by American Idol this season, Rod seemed to have the strongest connection with the wannabes, so kudos to him for helping them out so well.

Before next week's theme was announced, I was a bit scared that they'd be taking on opera, but fortunately it'll just be some bland love songs. Then again, my sadistic side would love to see Kellie try to twang her way through an aria. Somehow she avoided the bottom three after dropping a clunker that should be renamed "Besotted, Bungled and Butchered." Great, now she can ask what kind of pasta Bocelli is next week. C'mon, Idol, time to come up with a new trick on the seventh-place-results show. Both George Huff and Bo Bice were put through the same torture they tried with Taylor, but I loved the way he handled it. After blurting out his "I'm sorry" a little too soon, smug ol' Seacrest was momentarily stunned into a blissful silence when Mr. Hicks casually sauntered over to the safe side of the stage.

I was glad Paris was sent back to the couch quickly, as she sang the standards with ease. Chris became the first member of Simon Cowell's top picks to hit the bottom three, but I don't think anyone felt his time was up just yet. All signs were pointing to Ace. By the way, when Ryan likened Chris and Ace to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, do you think he was trying to tell us one of them has a batch of stinker movies in his future? My money for that dubious distinction is on Ace, especially if he ever attempts a musical. Poor Ace. The boy-band bus drove off four years ago and left him standing on the corner pointing at his scar. And he was also the first one since Chicken Little not to get a full sing-out after getting booted. Guess that tells us how the producers really felt about him.