Betty White, Robert Redford Betty White, Robert Redford

It seems all the world has embraced Betty White — except for Robert Redford. Long the object of Betty's unattainable affections, the movie star turned down an offer to guest star on Hot in Cleveland's February 16/23 two-parter, which finds Betty's character, Elka, traveling to Los Angeles to hunt down the Sundance Kid.

The gag's a clever nod to Betty's desire to meet her lifelong crush. "We tried desperately to get him," series creator Suzanne Martin says. Surprisingly, Betty tells me she's relieved. "I never want to meet him because all these years I answer every question I get about men with his name. If I ever did meet him I'd be so embarrassed." 

Robert may have another chance to show some love to the beloved 89-year-old, as I hear Cleveland's season finale will make Elka a bride.

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