In Secondhand Lions, Robert Duvall plays a lifelong adventurer and World War I vet who hates retirement in rural Texas. The 72-year-old actor calls the role a stretch, since he's busier than ever these days. He works plenty and often jet-sets to Argentina with his girlfriend, 31-year-old actress Luciana Pedraza.

"Lately, I'm getting a lot of scripts," says Duvall, who recently co-starred in Kevin Costner's Western, Open Range. "They approached me to do a remake of The Old Man and the Sea, to play the old Cuban fisherman. A lot of things are coming my way now. Maybe, in some ways, more than even when I was younger.

"With my career, I can work right up until the end, till they wipe the drool off my chin," he chuckles. "An athlete can't do that. My father was a military man. He retired at 50 and did other things, but he never really felt fulfilled. If you're creative, you try to do things to live longer."

Duvall is reluctant to begin a follow-up to Assassination Tango, the film he wrote, directed, danced and starred in with Pedraza earlier this year. He's toying with the idea of another Argentina-based project in the distant future, however.

"In Luciana's family, there's five sisters in Northern Argentina," he says. "I'd like to do something about [them], but I don't know how to do it. We'll see. [Directing] takes a year of your time, and with all these other acting things coming along — that's exciting, too. I don't know if I want to give that up for a year."