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Rob Lowe is having all sorts of trouble with his employees. Lowe and his wife have filed three separate lawsuits against two former nannies, who they claim spread lies about their family, and against one chef they claim had sex in their home and stole prescription medication. According to the AP, one of the former

West Winger's complaints charges Laura Boyce, a caretaker of Lowe's two sons for most of 2007, with defamation, violating a confidentiality agreement and inflicting emotional distress on Lowe and his family. Although the complaint provided no specific examples of the "secrets" she spread, the Lowe family is seeking at least $1 million in damages. Meanwhile, People is also reporting that Lowe is suing another nanny (whom Lowe claimed in a blog post is trying to extort $1.5 million from the family to keep mum about a "laundry list of false terribles") as well as his chef Pete Clements. The complaint against the second nanny suggests the woman claimed that Lowe sexually harassed her, that the two had an intimate relationship and that his wife Sheryl was an abusive employer. The suit against Clements claims the chef had sex with third parties in the Lowes' home while they were away, stole and sold prescription medication, broke security cameras and overcharged the family for food. The suit also suggests that Clements made negative comments about Sheryl Lowe. What do you think? Has Lowe just had a string of bad hires, or is he overreacting? What secrets do you think he has to hide? A never-opened script of St. Elmo's Fire 2, perhaps? - Adam Bryant