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Riverdale Mega Buzz: Get Ready for the Return of Dark Betty

Yes, Chic has everything to do with it

Megan Vick

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Jughead (Cole Sprouse) warned us that Dark Betty (Lili Reinhart) would re-emerge in Riverdale's winter finale, and fans should prepare for his warning to come true very soon.

The arrival of Chic (Hart Denton) into the Cooper home is forcing Betty to do some reflection on her own dark side as she gets to know her estranged brother who has had to do some very desperate things to survive a life on his own.

Riverdale's Hart Denton Explains Why We Shouldn't Fall for Chic's Serial Killer Vibes

Chic and Betty will form a bond over their shared inner demons, but Chic has some very interesting ideas when it comes to helping Betty "avoid the darkness inside of her" and will try and bring her into his world of "fantasy fulfillment." Let's just say that Betty's Southside Serpent stripper dance was just the beginning of Dark Betty's awakening and it's a slippery slope into that sexy rabbit hole from here.

God forbid what happens when her parents find out.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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