So right away I need to address how cool it was that Valerie was talking about her "lunch with Mary Murphy from TV Guide." I was dying not only because I love me some Mary Murphy, but also because Valerie said "Mary and I go way back." I was thinking, "Mary never told me she did an episode of The Comeback!" Turns out they had Victoria Carroll, a total Mary look-and-sound-alike, portray her in the final scene. Although Victoria did a fine job, our own fiesty writer would've played herself better. A great moment was Esperanza the maid finding the porno tape while she was cleaning and Valerie's "Busted! We're human!" reaction. But the most appropo part of the episode for me was the "Is Reality TV Dying?" headline on the issue of Entertainment Weekly they showed. Valerie commenting that "nothing's happening no one's going to want to watch this" when she was returning the bed sheets at the store reminded me of the shopping scene from this past Thursday's Being Bobby Brown. I was like "Exactly!", since Bobby and Whitney spent four minutes of doing nothing but shopping. The other ingenious portion was having Charla from The Amazing Race be Valerie's new assistant. Valerie's "I learned a lot today from a little lady named Charla" monologue was brilliant. Lisa Kudrow, you need to use that monologue for your awards submissions. The hilarious Linda Wallem (That '70s Show, Cybill) wrote tonight's show, and I hope she writes more of the remaining episodes.