Richard Hatch Richard Hatch

First Survivor champ Richard Hatch has been released from a Rhode Island state prison after serving a nine-month term for failing to file his tax returns, The Associated Press reports.

Richard Hatch ordered back to prison — again

Hatch was freed Monday, according to a state prison official. Hatch spent most of his sentence in federal prison, except for six weeks at a state minimum-security facility as a transition.The reality star, who competed on Celebrity Apprentice last season, previously spent three years in prison after failing to pay taxes on the $1 million he won on the first season of

Survivor. He was released in 2009, but jailed again in March for not re-filing his 2000 and 2001 taxes. Hatch later claimed he was "financially destitute."

Richard Hatch claims he's destitute

Upon his release, Hatch, 50, maintained his innocence and said he was "happy" to be out of prison.