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Still reeling from Revenge's doozy of a freshman year finale? Executive producer Mike Kelley previews what to expect in Season 2 of ABC's soapy hit.

Emily's mother is alive?!
Kelley says he toyed with the idea of revealing that Emily's murdered dad is still alive, but opted to revive her mom instead. And it looks like the Graysons' nefarious dealings are somehow behind mama Clarke's disappearance. "There's a very psychologically damaged woman out there and Emily's search for her will be a driving force [in Season 2]," says Kelley. Turns out, she's not the only one with a secret family. "Conrad had a wife and other kids before he married Victoria," explains Kelley, "and those people will come into play."

Victoria and Lydia go ka-boom while Charlotte overdoses?!
The plane carrying Victoria and Lydia to D.C. to testify against Conrad exploded courtesy of some mischievous tinkering by the evil white-haired man. Devastated by the news reports of the crash, pill-popping Charlotte overdosed. While hinting it is "very possible" Victoria faked her own death, Kelley confirms the season premiere will reveal at least one of the three is dead for real.        

Fauxmanda is Preggers?!
Nope, it's not a fake baby bump. Kelley confirms that Emily's former cellmate is just two months shy of giving birth. But, cautions the producer, "if you aren't questioning Jack is the father then you haven't been watching the show." As for Emily, who was just about to profess her feelings for Jack, Kelley says, "her heart is so injured that she is not in the mood for any love." But that could change with the arrival of a new Hamptons hottie.

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