1990 Soundtrack: Skid Row: "I Remember You";

Social Distortion: "Ball and Chain"; The Smiths: Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

You tried to trick me, Reunion folks. Last week I was confident that Sam was the victim. And then all of a sudden we see her in 2005? Very clever to make it her reunion remembrance video, although why she would talk in such detail about 1990 is beyond me. So in this new decade, Will goes from snitch to soldier; Carla is sleeping with the enemy; Jenna's mom is dying of AIDS; Craig and Sam are married and Aaron is still in Prague.

The ugh! moments: Jenna's present-day wig, anyone? French woman saying "How do you say?" is such a pet peeve of mine. Picture my head exploding at that very moment. Will telling Craig he better quit with the confessing. "What am I, your priest?" Get it? In the future he becomes Father Whatawaste. Teehee.

Looks like Carla's gotten herself into some trouble. That George Newbern. Who knew he had it in him to play scary? And just when Aaron got his act together enough to leave Europe a year later to go after her. This seems like the beginning of the end of the Molly Ringwald-esque Carla she's well on her way to the harsh and bitter town she seems to be inhabiting in those present-day scenes. And I really loved Craig showing up to see his ex-pal Will ship off to war. I like Craig-and-Will scenes almost as much as I like Will-and-Sam scenes. Speaking of Sam, she's pregnant! Awwww! And oh yeah. Will you people please, please, please start watching this show? I'd like to make it to the end of this murder mystery. Thank ya in advance.