<EM>Rescue Me</EM> Rescue Me

With his rebellious daughter coming of age, his depressed wife rearing a baby that likely isn’t his, and suspicious investigators quizzing him about the cause of the beach-house blaze, Denis Leary’s Tommy Gavin has a lot of irons in the fire on this season’s Rescue Me (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET, on FX). Tonight, Sheila (played by Callie Thorne) fills him in on the “facts” of the fire — which include a supposedly drunken Tommy.

“He has this nagging self-doubt about his sobriety,” previews series cocreator Peter Tolan. “And [the fire] is another case of being with Sheila and having one of these blackouts.”

In addition to cowriting and executive-producing the series, Tolan occasionally plays the unfortunately named Chief Pecher — ”I wanted a name that could be easily bastardized!” It’s that kind of not-so-subtle guy-talk humor that is one of the series’ chief pleasures. Tonight’s episode culminates with an instant-classic scene of that type, as the men sit around the firehouse table discussing which women, um, “inspire” them when they’re alone — and for one of the guys, it’s Janet Gavin (Andrea Roth). “My wife [supervising producer Leslie Tolan] asked, ‘Did you write that?’“ Tolan laughs. “I said, ‘Well… yeah.’ She was so proud!”

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