This repeat episode, which I missed the first time around, had a lot going on. The makeover crew headed back to visit some of their favorite remodels so that the families could have an opportunity to help out others. While I love the idea of it, I swear if they used the words pay it forward one more time I was going to scream like Traci on Deal or No Deal. It was nice to see Sweet Alice generously offering to assist the Los Angeles Free Clinic and modernizing their charitable organization. But did we really need to have James Denton show up and to "help" with the plumbing work? I get the corporate synergy and I love the dish Mr. Denton as much as the next girl, but it seems like his time could have been better spent in another way. Plus, that was on top of the Disney plug when they took those families who had children allergic to light to the park after hours. Do you really think any of those kids knew who Brian Wilson was? And now I can't get that darned Barenaked Ladies song about him out of my head. It was nice to see first lady Laura Bush out helping hurricane victims, that was pretty sweet, and I almost got teary eyed when they handed out scholarships to the three receptionists at the free clinic. But on another note, who knew that this show had a theme song with words and stuff. I know the music, but I must have always fast forwarded through the beginning part. Next time I'll pay attention after I figure out what the band name OAR stands for.