A repeat of the "three dates, you're out" Everwood with Bright's not-so-brilliant revelation of his former ladies'-man ways. It's weird to watch now that he and Hannah are so fully in relationship territory instead of their fledgling flirtation. Still loved Amy's comment on why she never divulged Bright's bad dating habits to her best pal: "Did you really need me to tell you that my brother is an idiot? Were you here for last year's sexual harassment expo?" Yeah those were awkward times, but he's really come so far.... CSI also aired a rerun of the season premiere. Loved Nick's (thankfully sans the current facial hair) comment about investigating a flying car and his understandable apprehensiveness toward all things creepy and crawly. But the sanitation Samaritan who only helped the half-naked girl because she was hot not garbage-truck hot but limo hot  was priceless. Garbage-truck hot. I never thought I'd hear those words together. Oh, and just for a minute, can we flash back to last week's Thanksgiving episode? Note to self: If I am ever going to gorge myself to death, mashed potatoes are the way to go. It was icky to watch after stuffing myself silly, but I can think of worse ways to die. Then, of course, there was the long-awaited Dave Letterman-Oprah Winfrey reunion on the Late Show, putting an end to their supposed feud. Ms. Oprah stopped by Dave's show on the way to the premiere of the Broadway version of The Color Purple, which she produced, and she looked so elegant. Dave was on his best behavior which seemed to baffle the daytime hostess-with-the-mostess, who couldn't believe that the funny man wanted to discuss real issues, like what she is doing in South Africa. Her story about her breaking her glasses and faking amnesia as a little kid was really quite funny, but had it not been for the constant hype by Letterman, and for Oprah's gift of a signed Oprah-Uma photo, it would have just been another amusing guest on another late-night talk show. Still, it was worth staying up for. AC

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