Peter Jennings Peter Jennings
Peter Jennings, who for more than four decades served as the face of ABC News, died of lung cancer Sunday at his New York home. He was 67. "It is a very different Monday," acknowledged a somber Diane Sawyer at the top of Monday's

Good Morning America. "It's a little rough for us here." Added cohost Charlie Gibson: "You feel like he's going to walk around the corner, come back in and start telling us what to do. If [only] that were the case." Jennings, a longtime smoker, last appeared on World News Tonight in April after announcing his diagnosis to viewers. "Peter has been our colleague, our friend and our leader in so many ways," said ABC News president David Westin. "None of us will be the same without him." He is survived by his wife, Kayce Freed, and his two children, Elizabeth, 25, and Christopher, 23.