Question: I seem to remember a mid-'60s show called T.H.E. Cat. It starred Robert Loggia as an ex-cat burglar. I have a very thick book of all the TV shows ever, but it doesn't list this one. Can you tell me if it was a movie or a TV series?

Answer: Sure, but first I'll tell you to get a new book. It may be thick, but it doesn't include all the TV shows ever if it's missing T.H.E. Cat, which ran on NBC beginning in September 1966.

As you say, Loggia was a former cat burglar (and circus performer) who had a new line of work playing bodyguard to those in mortal danger from assassins. Cat didn't use any weapons, but didn't need them. Operating in San Francisco, he worked out of a nightclub (called, of course, the Casa del Gato) owned by pal Pepe (Robert Carricart), a gypsy who owed him his life, and worked frequently with local cop MacAllister (B.G. Armstrong). Alas, this Cat had only one life; the show went off the air after a year.