Question: I seem to remember a show a while back called Police Surgeon. The concept seems absurd now, and no one I know remembers it. Is it my imagination?

Answer: A lot more than the concept was absurd, Laurie. And the reason your pals don't remember it is the syndicated half-hour series, produced from 1971-74, also went by the name Dr. Simon Locke, which I'm sure all of you fondly recall watching, your couch packed with your family and pets, a coffee-table's worth of munchies spread out in front of you.

OK... me, neither.

Anyway, the titular doc (Sam Groom) was a young man living in a rural town where he worked under the older Dr. Sellers (Jack Albertson). Until, that is, the series relocated to the city, Sellers was gone (Albertson quit because the show was so lousy), Locke went to work for the cops, Len Birman jumped in as his tough-talking superior and the show's title was changed to Police Surgeon.