The secrets are coming out in the season finale of Recovery Road.

In this sneak peak of the episode, Maddie (Jessica Sula) gets her hand on the keys to Craig's (David Witts) filing cabinet and gets into her file. There's a lot of truth in those few pages, especially about Maddie's first days at the sober house, which she may not be ready to hear.

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The first piece of crucial information is that Wes (Sebastian De Souza) has been forbidden to date Maddie, which puts a serious crimp in the blossoming tension between those two. The most devastating revelation of all may be that Maddie finds out her mother (Sharon Leal) was the one who tipped off Cynthia (Alexis Carra) about the vodka in her locker. Her mom is the reason she had to go to detox and is spending 90 days in a sober living home. Ouch.

How will Maddie react to finding out Craig is forbidding her chance at a happy relationship and her mother is the one that sold her out? Find out on the season finale of Recovery Road, airing Monday at 9/8c on Freeform.