Do you really want to tell your new husband that you don't like the person he becomes when he is hanging out with his oldest pals? Especially when he is already the most understanding man on earth? Thankfully the husband of the year forgives Melinda for her outburst almost as soon as his drunken buzz wears off. He even goes to the creepy haunted hotel to spend the night with her, and he doesn't even freak out when a ghost dog takes up residence in their house. That's love. Sure, she's got the power to oust friends that she doesn't like, but he has to put up with stray animals that don't even exist? That seems like it could lead to trouble in paradise. But I have to say that the show does an amazing job of casting guest ghosts... especially when they are kids. Tonight's scruffy rugrat fire victims, who are big into Peter Pan, nearly broke my heart with their big eyes and sweet faces. Such a sad little story. It just kind of annoys me when an engaging story is interrupted by the constant need to have Melinda wandering around in her sleepwear.