I really thought that the paper-airplane thing was going to go somewhere. And that it would go to show that Don's time spent in detention taught him something that Charlie's higher-ed math didn't. It was interesting when Charlie finally realized that his brother's job was dangerous and taxing. And Don learned that Charlie's taking care of his father and doing all the loyal-son duties like attending a family birthday party and slow dancing with an elderly aunt isn't all fun and games, either. What a nice sibling moment. The brothers also worked together to stop the assassination of another man who had some complex family issues. The writers do a great job of integrating the personal and work story lines. Oh, and on a separate note, thanks to the nice woman who wrote in saying that her husband does his mathematical calculations long hand on a white board, like Charlie. Knowing that little fact makes me happy because not only are the writers clever with their plots, they're also accurate. AC

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