Has it really only been four days since the rafters left the island? I guess the summerlong hiatus just made it seem like it's been much longer. But I have to give the continuity directors a whole lot of credit: They completely remember all the little details, like keeping that one handcuff on Jin. And I'm not trying to be all biased or anything, but my favorite backstories last season were Jin and Sun's... they were just so moving. So I was more than a little excited about tonight, and the talented writers and the amazing actors didn't disappoint. This intertwined episode showed how their paths originally crossed. Talk about love at first sight. So sweet. Plus, it showed that neither Jin nor Sun was willing to be walked all over by those wealthy snobs at the Seoul Gateway Hotel. The flashbacks were perfectly juxtaposed with Sun's lost wedding ring and Jin's loyal jungle trek searching for his friend Michael. And leave it to oddball Locke to come up with the whole theory that if you want to find something, sometimes it is best to stop looking. It worked for Sun hopefully it will work for Michael on his quest for Walt. I watched a bunch of times, and I still couldn't count exactly how many of the "others" there were. I kept coming up with random numbers like 11 or 12, but the moving camera angles made it a little bit tricky. Eleven or 12 don't match any of the known numbers, so I'm thinking maybe there were more, or my count is totally off. And what's up with the kid with the teddy bear? It didn't look like Walt. Oh, those others...they are so sneaky, mysterious and utterly baffling. Echo seems to be on top of their game though. I had chills when he grabbed Jin and hid with him in the bushes. And when Jin asked in his rapidly improving English if he was married, did he say "worse" or "divorce"? Either way, I can't wait to find out more about him. Not sure I can say the same about his "tailie" pal Ana-Lucia. I like her banter with Sawyer, but I'd watch my back around her. I just can't believe we have to wait weeks before we get to find out the amazing big twist teased in the promo. Guess that just gives me more time to go back and rewatch the first few episodes of this season...for, like, the fourth time.

How could the castaways have survived their plane crash? Find out.