Vicki Gunvalson Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson managed to have a fairly drama-free season this year on Real Housewives of Orange County (thanks to Tamra, Heather and Shannon causing more drama than Bravo new what to do with). But neverone to be boring, Vicki finally got her time in the spotlight thanks to some highly offensive comments during Part 1 of the reunion.

When a viewer called Vicki out on telling a guy on the show he doesn't "look gay," she was asked to describe exactly what gay looks like.

As everyone froze in anticipation for Vicki's eventual word vomit, Tamra began begging Vicki, "Don't say it. Don't say it," but Vicki couldn't help herself.

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"Usually they're very, very, very fit. They're usually very GQ looking. They're very poised," she explained.

"Not to generalize," host Andy Cohen interrupted.

"Not to generalize, but that's my viewpoint," Vicki continued. "And they have a little bit of gaydar going on. He didn't have a gaydar. You don't' have a gaydar, either," Vicki said, gesturing to Andy, who managed to remain quite composed. That is until Vicki added, "You're all boy to me."

That remark not only left Cohen speechless, but also with a priceless expression on his face mixing insult and confusion that perfectly mirrored our own. Note to Vicki: Learn what "gaydar" is. Also, next time someone asks you a question, take your own advice.

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