My first reaction to Tommy's saying "I'll see you in court, bitch!" to Janet with Colleen sitting right there was that it was a little questionable. Then I realized it was worse than that; he's actually got her in on his get-the-kids-back scheming. Why do I continue to underestimate a man who, as we see in the next scene, is willing to retrieve a stolen pill from under the chief's foot  and on the men's-room floor, no less? A man who then wakes up from dreaming about sex with Mary Magdalene to find he's fallen asleep where his daughter can find him with an issue of Leg Show? Man, I think I'm rooting for Janet here, custodywise. Then there's Franco, who's obviously got an even worse pill-monkey than the one Tommy's promising to develop and has an even bigger problem in the coming squeeze between his Vicodin-source nurse and Laura, who's promising to make his life hell... and surely will, once she stops believing his line of crap.

Moving on, what the hell is Mike thinking, telling the guys about how he likes his new lady to take charge? "You're amazing, Mike," Franco says. "Only you could turn a relationship with a new woman into a gay experience." Got a point there. And oh, my god (no pun intended) Tommy and Johnny have a half brother and a half sister? Oh, how the Gavins make for good TV. As for the once-again fine dialogue, Tommy delivers the best line of the evening in sensitivity training: "Next time I run into a burning building and refuse to bring out anybody who's not the same color as me, that's when you can bring my angry, sober, pink Irish ass back down here, got it?" Got it. And Jesus drives a Lamborghini. Why? Because he can. And I'm way pro-environment, but I'm not judging. That water-into-wine trick's gotta work with gas, too.