TV! "The winner is TV," Michael Ausiello declared during the ratings debriefing we had a moment ago (in his rather palatial office). Indeed, Thursday's showdown between some of the tube's hottest offerings attracted a lot of eyeballs. In the 8 o'clock hour, American Idol's 23.08 million total viewers (Becky, we hardly ogled ye) bested Survivor: Drop a Deuce Panama (with 14.8 mil), the first hours of Dancing with the Stars (14.78 mil) and the Olympics (17.74 mil). Come 9 pm the Winter Games seized the lead with 25.5 million viewers (to Dancing's 20.57 mil and a CSI repeat's 14.6 mil), then at 10, virtually uncontested, the travails of Sasha, Slutskaya et al medaled with 30.24 million fans of skating. Well done, everyone!