This Tuesday's recap:

8 pm/ET
NCIS was on top, matching last week's 17.38 million total viewers. In second was ABC's pair of Charlie Brown specials, with Thanksgiving (9.96 mil) outperforming last year's airing by 600K and doubling Cavemen's usual draw. Bones (8.74 mil) was down 370 thou, while geek (2.56 mil) inched up 130K.

9 pm
Dancing with the Stars' penultimate results show drew 20.74 mil, a week-to-week gain of 3.28 mil and an 11 percent improvemnt on the same episode last season. House held steady with 16.8 mil, while The Unit (10.7 mil) dipped 330K.

10 pm
The Bachelor: After the Chain-yanking Final Rose outpaced SVU, 12.76 mil to 11.66 mil. Cane (7.64 mil) enjoyed a 340K gain.