Well, well, well, those randy little devils. The big story: In the final moments of the episode, Clark and Lana get down and dirty and give in to the throes of love. How Harlequin Romance of me, right? Anyway, I've been inspired to make some observations and yes, possibly even a confession or two.

1) I guess Powerless Clark is free to go gaga over Lana as much as he wants. But does he have to do it in front of Chloe? That Kent boy can be so insensitive sometimes.
2) Kenny Johnson plays that silly Electro dude who breaks out of Bellerive with the Powder twins. I love, love, love me some Kenny Johnson. Seriously. Many of you know him as "Lemonhead" on FX's The Shield but (Confession No. 1) I used to watch him on Pensacola: Wings of Gold. Please keep that between you and me. I have a rep to protect.
3) Clark tells a shocked Chloe that Pete knows about his powers. That makes me happy. I'm a freak this, I know.
4) Confession No. 2: When Mr. "I'm in Love" tells Ms. Thang she's the only one he's ever loved, my heart sank a little for Chloe. I've kinda jumped on the Clark-Chloe bandwagon. Let me tell you, I never thought that would happen.
5) The black hole that exists between Lex and Clark is getting wider and wider. These two are slowly becoming ex-BFF's. Boooo! (Inevitable, but boooo!)
6) No James Marsters. Whatsupwitdat?
7) Confession No.3: After Clark and Chloe talked about last week's big bads looking for Kal-El, raise your hand if you wanted to direct them to Nicolas Cage's house.