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Rachel Reilly won the $500,000 grand prize last month on Big Brother 13. Now she's working for tips on The Bold and the Beautiful! The marriage-crazy redhead will return to the CBS soap October 28 and 31 as Rachel, a saucy cocktail schlepper at the Bikini Beach bar, and she'll have her real-life fiancé (and fellow Big Brother player) Brendon Villegas in tow. The future Mrs. V gave TV Guide Magazine the lowdown.

TV Guide Magazine: What's with all the B&B love? This is your 10th appearance!
Reilly: I know! Isn't it crazy? [Laughs] And this time I'm a bride! Brendon and I are part of the Halloween shows so they put us in wedding outfits, which of course I loved! We're getting Bikini Beach ready for a party. Amber [Adrienne Frantz] is there flirting with Thorne [Winsor Harmon]. The costumes and makeup are so fantastic you're going to be shocked! We have swamp creatures, pirates, gypsies, mermaids, fairies, geishas. I was a cocktail waitress in Vegas for years and this trumps any Halloween party I ever worked there. It really inspired me for real life.

TV Guide Magazine: So spill it. How are you and Brendon dressing for Halloween?
Reilly: We're going as Jessica and Roger Rabbit!

TV Guide Magazine: Well, you've already got the hair and the bod!
Reilly: [Laughs] Exactly! I'm almost there!

TV Guide Magazine: Just after you won the half mill you told a TMZ crew you were eloping in Vegas that coming weekend. It never happened. How come?
Reilly: That was horrible and I blame it totally on me! It was the night of the Big Brother after party and Brendon and I had a few drinks and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Of course, my mom saw it. She called up and said, "You are not getting married this weekend, young lady!"

TV Guide Magazine: Then what are your "I do" plans?
Reilly: We're looking at venues for December or January and I think I've found the dress. Now that I have this extra money I can buy the dream wedding I've always wanted! [Laughs] With lots of sequins!

TV Guide Magazine: Any truth to reports you're shopping a reality show about the big day?
Reilly: It's just a rumor. [Laughs] And I didn't start that one! No, I'm not shopping a show but if it were to happen it'd be awesome. I don't know if Brendon could handle it but I won't lie. I would never turn it down.

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