The race wasn't so amazing this week. Nine teams traveled to Washington, D.C., from Lancaster, Penn., and then on to the pit stop in Middleburg, Va. Along the way they had an espionage Road Block at the Tidal Basin and a detour involving yet another war reenactment. Déjà vu, anyone? The Weavers came in first, but please, can somebody get them an atlas? Last week they questioned Pennsylvania's statehood, and now they're wondering if the nation's capital is in the state of Washington. Even when they saw the white, domed building, they had to ask, "Is that the Capitol?" It's a bold move on their part to enter this race with so little knowledge of geography.

I was quite happy to see the Linzes jump from last to second place, especially since they bumped the Gaghans in the process. Even though the Gaghans were in "race mode" and not "stupid mode," they managed to let their confidence be a stumbling block. I knew it would happen, but didn't expect it to occur so soon. They spent way too long searching for the clue in the wrong place. And why did they choose to carry the five soldiers at the Civil War detour instead of filling the oil lamps? Half of their team are children, so why choose a strength challenge? Oh, I forgot they're The Incredibles. It does tickle me, though, that Phil pronounces their name "Gaggin."  Subliminal? Perhaps.

I'm a little sad to see the Rogers family eliminated just as they were getting interesting. Mr. Rogers made all the wrong decisions and then blamed their poor racing on his long-suffering son, Brock. This family wears their dysfunction closer to the vest than the Paolos, whose constant bickering, while annoying, is certainly less sinister than what's bubbling under the surface in the Rogers' SUV.