Quote of The Weekend: "I think the only thing I enjoy more than doing the incredibly easy crossword puzzle, is seeing candid photos of Mickey Rourke looking like a bloated wreck." —

SNL castmember Amy Poehler in a commercial parody for The National Enquirer


World Series Game 2
I'll be honest, I'm from the Boston area, so it's been a tough time recently, baseball-wise. Watching this contest would be a little masochistic, unless the Yankees are losing. Since that quickly became irrelevant in the first inning with Hideki Matsui's three-run homer, I checked in only to see if anything changed. And it did. The Yankees got three more runs with the Marlins eking out one of their own. (Now, please picture my totally resigned expression. Thanks.)

Marshall (Kevin Weisman) rocks! For an amazingly awkward guy, he's grace under pressure when it's crisis time, which is about every 12 minutes on this show. In this case, he saved the day by altering and uploading those fake Vaughn files to back up Sydney's bluff. Even more impressive was Ms. Bristow's nimble-minded improvising during her conversations with that skeevy guy who knew her during those missing two years. And hey, if Sydney also has to dive about 10 stories into a pool while wearing only her bra and underwear, so be it.

The Practice
Not a boring episode by a long shot. You got a severed head, a serial toilet cleaner, a pregnant nun and two murderers, as well as gloriously creepy performances from Sharon Stone and Chris O'Donnell. Loved Alan's (James Spader) half of the cell phone conversation when he heard about the extra body part literally hanging around the office: "Hello? ... What? Whose head?" But my question would be where did all the murky shadows go? Did they migrate over to Rob Lowe's legal drama...?

The Lyon's Den
This isn't a bad show, but "gripping" is not the first word I would use to describe it. Jack's embezzlement case was fairly predictable; meanwhile Grant's (Kyle Chandler) gun lawsuit at least had a few more interesting moments. Rob Lowe is the star — and he's perfectly nice and fine in this role &#151 however, I'm more intrigued in what's going on with Grant and Brit (Frances Fisher) for now. What has caught my attention though, is how bad they're dressing George (Matt Craven). He's the "working man's lawyer," so let's make sure he keeps wearing loads of loud plaid shirts and ugly ties that don't match, okay? Great.

National Geographic Ultimate Explorer
Correspondent Mireya Mayor, a primatologist and former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, went to Madagascar to find and document perhaps the world's smallest primate, the so called mouse lemur. Luckily, she did find a really cute one and even got a meeting with the country's prime minister to petition for greater protection of the lemur's jungle habitat. I think breaking out her old pom-poms and yelling "G-o-o-o lemurs!" in his office helped sway his decision.


Saturday Night Live
Three shows into the new season and the best one so far wasn't the premiere with man-of-the-moment Jack Black or this past weekend's entry with Oscar-winner Halle Berry — it was last week's, with an exuberant Justin Timberlake (his bit as a pushy singing omelet was hilarious). Who would've thought? Unfortunately, that energy was missing from Berry's stint. The Kobe Bryant sketch was kinda clever for, like, the first half of it. The rest, including the Don Zimmer and Joey Lawrence ones, were choppy and dropped off at the end even more than normal. Hey, is Lance Bass available? (Dumb question.)

Justice League
While preventing the immortal villain Vandal Savage from taking over the world, Batman and Wonder Woman made time to engage in some seriously animated flirting. You know, I don't remember there being much superhero sexual tension between those two on Super Friends, the considerably less sophisticated '70s version of the Justice League.

I swear, whenever I've seen reruns of that classic cartoon, I picture my brother and me in our feety pajamas, eating cereal in front of the TV on Saturday mornings. Even back then, we couldn't stand Gleek, the blue mascot with the long tail. "Gleek! Gleek!... Gleek!" Shut up, you stupid space monkey!


Joan of Arcadia
I can swallow the idea of a teenage girl (Amber Tamblyn) chatting with God. What troubles me is how often her father, the chief of police, is going to crime scenes. I'm no expert, but that seems atypical. And so does Joan's friendship with that guy Adam, which is a good thing because it seems more genuine than your average teenage connection on TV. Clearly, it does have its hurdles though, considering he still calls her "Jane."

Life With Bonnie
Having David (David Alan Grier) staying with Bonnie and her family is a great comedic plot device; having him snuggle into her bed with her and husband, Mark, is just odd.

Man, they've really gotta work on those transitions between stories. At the end of an emotional, well-produced segment about alleged football hazing, there was a final sound bite from a tearful mother, then a lingering image of the troubled town... and suddenly we abruptly cut to John Stossel at the anchor desk saying only, "When we come back, Barbara has a brand-new interview with superstar Angelina Jolie." Oh yeah, who cares about a postscript to the football story? More importantly, what's the deal with Angelina's lips? (They're real, we find out later.)