To celebrate International Women's Day on Sunday, March 8, Quibi revealed the trailer for Fierce Queens, a new short-form docuseries which highlights some of nature's most powerful female animals, with narration by Reese Witherspoon.

"Ask yourself one question: Why do they call it the animal kingdom, when it's clearly run by queens?" Witherspoon says in voice over for the trailer, which shows breathtaking shots of female babboons, hyenas, and yes, even insects running their roosts. Witherspoon then teases, over shots of violence and mating that the show will invite audiences to "meet the females who give new meaning to eat, prey, love." There's nothing quite like watching a lady cheetah tackle and maim a gazelle to celebrate this day, right?

Fierce Queen is one of 50 (yes, FIFTY) Quibi originals which will premiere when the new mobile-only streaming service launches on Monday, April 6. The series is produced by BBC Studios National History Unit and executive produced by Jo Shinner.

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Fierce Queens premieres on Quibi on Monday, April 6.

Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon