Question: Zack Ward of Fox's Titus sure looks like the bully character in the movie A Christmas Story. Please tell me, did he play Scot? Thanks. — PPierce

Televisionary: That was indeed Ward playing the coonskin-capped terror in the wonderful A Christmas Story. And if you're anything like me, you managed to catch at least a few parts of it during the Christmas Eve marathon on TNT. In my book, it's a true holiday classic — and deserves to be.

You may also recognize Ward from his work as roadie Red Dog in the recent theatrical release Almost Famous.

And if you're thinking Titus is an in-your-face turn for a holiday-favorite cast member to take, Ward's got nothing on Scotty Schwartz, who played the flagpole-stuck Flick in the movie. Schwartz went on to become an adult-film performer before moving into talent management for his X-rated peers, a career from which he only recently retired.