Question: When I was younger I watched My Friend Flicka and Fury every Saturday morning (along with Sky King). Bobby Diamond starred on one of these shows. Whatever happened to him? — Sue, Logan, W.V.

Televisionary: Young Mr. Diamond did indeed star in Fury, Sue, playing alongside Peter Graves (Mission: Impossible) in the series, which aired on NBC from 1955-66. He then went on to appear with Nanette Fabray and Wendell Corey on NBC's aptly named Westinghouse Playhouse Starring Nanette Fabray and Wendell Corey in 1961 and, from there, moved to the role of cousin Duncan Gillis on CBS's The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis from 1962-63.

Diamond did some voice work and assorted TV guest parts and movie roles after that, but these days you're most likely to run into him in court — a real one. He's now a practicing lawyer.