Question: When I was younger, there was a cartoon called Shrinking Violet. I even had a doll from the show. Who produced this cartoon and why can't I find anything on this today?

Televisionary: Because, I believe, the show you're looking for was actually a series of animated educational shorts called The Funny Company. Produced by Mattel, which — believe it or not — was inspired by criticism of promotion-oriented children's TV to help create more nourishing fare, and two other partners, The Funny Company revolved around a kids' company whose aim was to help and educate people.

Shrinkin' Violet, who did indeed inspire a doll (there had to be a merchandise angle in there somewhere), was part of the operation headed by young Jasper National Park. Pals such as Buzzer Bell, Polly Plum, Merry Twirter and pet Terry Dactyl (a wise-cracking pterodactyl) also worked for Jasper, while visitors such as Super Chief and Broken Feather (two Native Americans) and inventor Dr. Goodheart dropped in from time to time.