Question: A few years ago there was a police series with a main character who was a Chinese police officer on loan from Hong Kong. TV Guide described him as a man who "looks like Humpty Dumpty and moves like Spider-Man." What was the name of the series, who was the actor and what other parts has he played? I really enjoyed the series and was sorry it was not renewed. — Bernice, Port Allegany, Pa.

Televisionary: You're thinking of CBS's Martial Law, which starred the roly-poly but lethal Sammo Hung as a Chinese cop working with the L.A.P.D. His English wasn't so hot (no stretch there — neither is Hung's), but he kicked butt with ease. Along for the ride were Kelly Hu as fellow cop Chen Pei Pei (later known as Grace Chen), and Arsenio Hall as a police spokesman who talked better than he fought.

Hung is a legend in the martial-arts film world. A veteran action director and fight choreographer, he attended the prestigious Peking Opera School alongside Jackie Chan and was also good friends with Bruce Lee, making his name in the states by fighting Lee in the classic Enter the Dragon. Unfortunately for fans such as yourself, Martial Law was kicked off CBS's schedule in the summer of 2000, less than two years after its September 1998 debut.