Question: A few years ago on CBS they had a series my family really enjoyed, Now and Again. The lead-in voice who narrated the story line was that of a husky-sounding older man, but my mom and I could never figure out who was speaking. Can you tell us whose mysterious voice that was? Also, why did the series go away? Was it poor viewership? It was probably one of the more interesting series on during that time. — Robin B., Patterson, Calif.

Televisionary: First things first, Robin. The voice in question was that of actor Charles Durning, whose introduction filled viewers in on the setup at the beginning of several episodes.

As for why the show went away, it was a question of basic TV economics. Too few people watched the show for CBS to justify paying its reportedly stiff production expenses. In this case, quality cost quite a bit and the economics just didn't work out. Of course, airing on Friday nights, not the best slot for a challenging show, didn't help.

The most painful aspect for fans, however, was that its last episode was a cliff-hanger. Last we saw, Michael Wiseman (Eric Close) and his family were running from the government, and the notorious Egg Man had busted out of the clink and was after our hero, too.