Question: I was wondering about a series called Rags to Riches. I think Tisha Campbell from My Wife and Kids was in it. When did it run and who were the other actors involved? Please, I need to know! This has been bothering me for a long time! — Pam H., Lincoln, Neb.

Televisionary: Rags to Riches ran from March 1987 to September 1988. Set in the early '60s, it centered around five orphans who were adopted by unmarried millionaire Nick Foley (Joseph Bologna), who for some reason thought having them around would be good for business. (Hey, it's TV — and did I mention it was a musical?)

As you say, Ms. Campbell played young Marva, one of the adopted orphans. The others were played by Kimiko Gelman

, Bridget Michele, Bianca DeGarr and Heidi Ziegler. Douglas Seale was the British butler who took care of the young ladies.