Question: I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the guy who is playing Judge Ripley on Philly. At the end of the program the credits go by so fast that I can't see who it is. I think the chemistry between him and Kathleen is very good! Any info on him would be appreciated. Thanks.

Televisionary: That's actor Jamie Denton playing the romantic interest for defense attorney Kathleen Maguire (former NYPD Blue trouper Kim Delaney) on the ABC drama. If you were a fan of the now-defunct Pretender series, you may remember him as the underhanded Mr. Lyle.

Denton also did some guest work on such series as JAG, Ally McBeal and The West Wing, appeared on the big screen in such films as Primary Colors and Face/Off and has performed in too many stage plays to mention. (Besides, here at low-minded, mercenary Televisionary Central, beacon to Philistines everywhere, we're partial to ad-supported, screen-based entertainment. If you can't watch it in your living room, click on it at your desk or pitch ticket services, snacks and credit cards on it, we ain't interested.)