Question: Has Wolf Lake, which starred Lou Diamond Phillips, already been cancelled? I'm a fan of weird shows no one else seems to like and I want to know what happens.

Televisionary: Jeez — if I had a buck for every reader who's sent in questions about this series. Where were all you Wolf Lake fans when the show was on? I've got good news and bad news for anyone taken with it.

Bad news first: CBS hasn't officially cancelled Wolf Lake, but it was put "on hiatus" after four episodes. While that doesn't sound grim on the face of it, the show isn't coming back (networks often utilize that phrase to avoid using the c-word in the hope that everyone will just understand).

The good news? You most likely won't ever find out what happens since the network doesn't have any plans to burn off the unaired episodes. (Okay, so that's bad news, too. There isn't any good news — I just wanted to let you down easy. Sorry.)