Question: On this week's season finale of CSI: Miami one of the escaped prisoners (the child molester) looked so familiar. I think he was on a sitcom but for the life of me I can't remember where I've seen him before. Please help! — K.M., Hamden, Conn.

Televisionary: Actor William O'Leary may have played a murderous child molester on the May 19 episode of CBS's hit crime drama (a role he first tackled for the show last Oct. in the "Broken" episode), but he did some much lighter guest-acting as Marty Taylor, Tim's youngest brother on Home Improvement, from 1994-99. You may also have caught him in guest appearances on series like Dear John, Miracles NYPD Blue, Matlock or Murder, She Wrote. He's also been in such big-screen fare as Hot Shots! and Bull Durham.