Question: After watching the Andy Griffith Show reunion, the thought occurred to me: Was Opie's mother ever mentioned in the show? I think in the early years they might have said something about "Ma," but was her name or her fate ever mentioned? Also, what was Aunt Bee's relationship to Andy? Was she the sister of one of his parents or one of Mrs. Taylor's parents? — Jeff B., Hartley, Del.

Televisionary: "Ma" was the only mention the first Mrs. Taylor ever received, and that only happened twice: in the episode of The Danny Thomas Show that served as a backdoor pilot for Andy Griffith and in the episode "Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee." Other than those two times, the poor woman was ignored.

As for Aunt Bee herself, she was Andy's aunt on his father's side. That, of course, didn't stop nearly everyone else in town from calling her "Aunt" as well.