Question: Wasn't there a Hanna Barbera cartoon titled Roman Holiday, which was like the The Flintstones, only it was set during the period of the Roman Empire? No one I know remembers it and I am now wondering if I just dreamed up the whole thing when I was a kid. Please let me know that I was not crazy after all! — Julien N.

Televisionary: As I've said many times in this column before, Julien, I'm not permitted to rule either way on the sanity of my readers. All I can do is light a small candle rather than curse your darkness, and hope my TV-related healing does the rest.

Hanna-Barbera, the cartoon factory behind The Flintstones and The Jetsons, only produced Roman Holidays from 1972-73, but the show developed a small following just the same. As you say, it took place in ancient Rome and focused on construction worker Gus Holiday and his clan. During the day Gus labored for the Forum Construction Company and at night he came home to his family, his pet lion, Brutus, and his landlord, the aptly named Evictus (Dom DeLuise).

Like the Roman Empire, of course, Roman Holidays couldn't last forever, and it didn't — only 13 episodes were ever made.